One-line artwork

Kia ora, today I was learning about one-line art work which is where you draw in a continuous line without stopping. Today I decided to do the famous artwork of “girl with a pearl earring”.  Of course since I did the continuous line it didn’t actually allow me to put the colors everywhere. 

I actually found it hard to continually draw because I’m use to just doing it one by one so It was very hard to not get distracted by that but it ended up coming out much more better than I expected so I’m quite happy about that. I also found it hard to find an art piece that I could actually re-create or just draw something. At first I was drawing from scratch but didn’t feel that creative while doing that so I decided to find a famous artwork I could recreate while doing it because at first I thought that it was going to be easy to just find one, nope. I found many I loved but I new I would fail every time I would try and draw it with polyline so I just picked this one.


I found it easy to find out how to make sure that it looked as creative as possible and also find ways that I would fail the challenge so It was quite easy but also creative of me finding a way to actually do stuff.


I really enjoyed challenging myself to find different ways to actually improve my artwork which was so fun. Even though you look at this challenge and think this was hard it really wasn’t because even though you found it hard in some points you were still able to do it which was quite interesting.


I feel like next time I could probably actually try and challenge myself to draw a famous artwork but try and remember it by muscle memory and then draw it with one-line continuously.


What do think I could have done next time?

One thought on “One-line artwork

  1. Kia ora Stephanie,

    It’s Mrs Clifford from the Summer Learning Journey Commenting Team.
    Wow! This work is gorgeous! Even though you haven’t been able to colour in each section like you would have planned I think it has turned out really well.

    I love the way that you have shared how you made it work and explained your art process. Well done for showing perseverance and continuing to create until you were happy with the result. Do you do a lot of art like this?

    Hmmm… tricky question re next time… maybe you could add a link to the original work in your post. Other than that I think you have done an incredible job.

    I can’t wait for your next activity – There are so many to choose from.

    – Mrs Clifford

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